Selling Out Seminars Is Easy

Put On Your Own Sold-Out Seminars That Fill Up Fast & Make Six-Figures In A Single Weekend

Every world-changing transformational leader has their own live events. Let me show you exactly how to fill your rooms quickly, sell with integrity and ease, and make the type of money and impact you desire and deserve.

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To: Authors, Speakers, Seminar Leaders, Experts, & Coaches
From: Max Simon
RE: My secrets to life-changing live events

Dear Friends,

Can you feel it? Now is the time to share your gifts with a much bigger audience and make a much more powerful impact on the world.

And live events are the absolute greatest and most powerful vehicle for doing this.

Plus, they are the easiest way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars quickly, because people will always trust you more (and buy more) when they are in your energy field live.

So after producing hundreds of live events that have touched the lives of thousands and generated millions, I want to give you my Sold-Out Seminar Secrets so you can fill up your events fast and generate six-figures in a single weekend.

Selling out seminars is easy

Sold-Out Seminar Secrets is my private 3-day intensive training on how to fill up your events quickly, inspire 30-50% of the room to say YES to your big ticket next steps, and run your events with ease and flow.

And look. Selling out your seminars and moving people to buy doesn't happen by chance.

There is a specific system, known only by a few big name seminar leaders (including me) that will guarantee your financial success.

So come to this event and let me teach you these secrets. Because when you do, here's what will happen:

===> Every time you offer a new event, people will lung forward to sign up.

===> You'll build a list of incredibly supportive follower and fans fast

===> The big names in your industry will reach out to you for collaboration (and to get coached by you)

===> An incredible buzz will build around you and your business

===> Affiliates will promote you like crazy

===> Your confidence and purpose will skyrocket

===> You'll make more money than you ever have before

===> People will give you jaw-dropping testimonials

===> You'll touch and transform people in the deepest and most powerful way

Is this all possible for you?

The answer is YES and you can do it FAST.

Is this you?

Are you a COACH who has been working with people one-on-one and feel ready to make a quantum leap in your success while saving you hours and hours of time? Sold-Out Seminars are the absolute greatest way to shift into a one-to-many model while maintaining your commitment to service. You don't lose the personal touch. You simply gain the ability to do it to an entire room.

Are you a SEMINAR LEADER who isn't getting the amount of attendance you deserve or desire at your events? Look, it's devastating to put your heart and soul into a live event and have only a few show up. Let me help you change that forever. This event will give you the missing ingredients that will help you put "butts in seats" quickly and effortlessly.

Are you an AUTHOR who has an awesome message but a struggling business? You already know your expert, so now it's time to get paid in a much bigger way for helping others with your knowledge and life experiences. Sold-Out Seminars will add a HUGE new income stream to your life while giving you an awesome outlet to tell your compelling stories.

Are you a SPEAKER who is tired of bouncing around from stage to stage and is ready to have people fly in from all over the world to see you? You already know the power of speaking to people live, so let's take your game to the next level by launching your own Sold-Out Seminar that will make 10X the amount of money and allow you to go much deeper with your people.

Are you an INTERNET MARKETER who is tired of being behind a computer and is ready to step up your game? You've already got a following who know you virtually. Let them get to know you live. It's 1000% more fulfilling, and guess what, you'll make a whole bunch more money too.

Are you a GIVER who serves, and serves, and serves, and by the end of your day is all tuckered out and depleted? Because I'll show you EXACTLY how to continue to give while also receiving amazing new levels of abundance, support, and energy.

The bottom line is that if you feel ready to put on your own Sold-Out Seminars, come to this event.

But maybe you're having doubts like these...

Get out of your own way

People always ask me how I was able to go from loosing $80,000 one year to making over $500,000 the next.

The answer is simple. I got over these mental blocks:

Self-Limiting Belief #1: I'm not credible enough.

Can you can look in the mirror and say to yourself: "I have life experiences and knowledge that could help other people"? Because if your answer is YES, than you're ready to put on Sold-Out Seminars.

And by the way, I hope you know that you only need to be one step ahead of the people you serve to throw successful events. That's right. Just one step.

Meaning, you don't need to be the all-mighty guru with all the answers to be seen and recognized as the leader. You simply need to be willing to claim that you're one step ahead.

And you can do that, can't you?

Self-Limiting Belief #2: I don't have a big enough list.

I built my entire business on live events, starting from ground zero. So in the beginning, it's likely you might start small with 15-30 person events.

But guess what? I'll show you how to make tens of thousands of dollars at those smaller gatherings.

Then you'll grow and grow, using the energy and support of your biggest fans from your events, and before you know it, you'll be filling 50-90 person rooms and making six-figures in a weekend.


Self-Limiting Belief #3: I don't have the resources.

Great! Then let me teach you how to make big money quickly without spending a whole lot of it. Because I'll say it again: live events are the absolute greatest way of creating cash fast.

That's because when people show up at your event, it's about 1000% times easier to inspire them to your next step offerings.

And once I teach you my signature system for moving people into action (AKA, to buy your stuff), you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing you can make money whenever you want.

So are you getting this?

Do you see how learning how to put on Sold-Out Seminars is the most important decision you've ever made for your financial future and vision?

So come to this event and let me show you, step-by-step, how to master this awesome skill.

$10,000.00 Resource Guide Yours FREE

At Sold-Out Seminar Secrets, I give you ALL the materials I used to put on event after event and make six-figures in a weekend.

When you attend, you'll get my famous resource guide that includes:

===> All of my enrollment forms that have been proven to get 30% 50% of the room to say YES

===> Coaching applications that have inspired people to invest $25,000.00 in my private time

===> 35 of the most compelling and irresistibly attractive Seminar names to model for your own success

===> Pre-event, during-event, and post-event checklists to make sure everything goes off without a hitch

===> Job descriptions and guidelines for everyone you need on your team

===> Confirmation packets to guarantee your guests have all the information they need to show up

===> All of the personal emails I use to fill up our events fast

===> And over 130 pages of other secrets -- an ENTIRE Sold-Out Seminar Secrets binder that you can take home, model, and use to build YOUR own business.

I give you everything you need to know to do this step-by-step starting from scratch.

Can you do this?

Yes. Because I train you to.

Here's what you need to know about Sold-Out Seminar Secrets...

1. This is not a pitch fest. This is an intensive training event where I will teach you every step along the way about how to fill your events fast and make great money when people join you live.

2. There is no other way to learn this material. If you want to put on your own Sold-Out Seminars, you must come join us live.

3. You'll get everything you need. I'm not holding anything back at this event. You get all my secrets, systems, forms, and resources. Seriously, everything you need in one place. So this should be the only seminar training you ever need. Ever.

4. I'm the perfect person to teach you this...

I produced hundreds of events with Deepak Chopra, one of the world's biggest names in transformation, and helped him build a multi-multi-million dollar empire.

Since then, my own live events have become legendary in our industry for providing tremendous value and also making six-figures in a weekend.

Plus, I really care about you and your impact in the world.

And I want nothing more for than you to become seen and recognized as the world-changing leader that you are.

Words from the world's best...

"I believe Max is the perfect example of a leader for the next generation."

- Deepak Chopra

"Max Simon is one of my absolute favorite transformational leaders."

I have seen so man speakers from all over the world and Max is one of my absolute favorites that I have ever heard. He is so deeply connected to himself and you can really feel his power, consciousness, light, and heart. If you have the opportunity, please don't miss out. Definitely go to a Max Simon event.

- Janet Attwood, Author New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test

"Max Simon is a force to be reckoned with!"

"I went to one of Max's live events and I said to myself "Oh my my,he is a force to be reckoned with!...I listened and watched and I was so impressed."

- John Assaraf, star of the hit movie "The Secret"

Want some more juicy bonuses?

I want you to attend Sold-Out Seminar Secrets.

Why? Because you have a gift to share with the world and I know this is the absolute best vehicle for you to share it.

... and make GREAT money doing it.

So here's more motivation.

On top of everything I teach, which is EXACTLY how to fill your rooms and authentically sell from the stage, I'm also going to give you all this stuff when you come to the event...

The 9 hidden ways to make more money at your events that won't cost you a dime and will add an extra $5,000 - $10,000 to every event you produce

Yes, you read that right. I'll give you some super secret strategies that are guaranteed to help you make thousands of dollars in EXTRA income at every event you produce. Look, you don't know what you don't know. And unfortunately, everyone I know is missing out on thousands of dollars of hidden money. This bonus alone will pay for the entire investment of the tuition.

The Most Fun & High Energy Party You've Ever Experienced At A "Business" Event

We like to have fun. Like super fun. So we've decided to throw a little private shindig that will absolutely light you up. Do you like to dance? Do you like to laugh? Do you love connecting with your favorite people? Because this private celebration will be a night to remember. And you don't need to pay more money for a special VIP ticket (like most events). Because we consider you a VIP just for showing up.

Opportunity to WIN a hot-seat coaching session LIVE with me on-stage

I'm including opportunities for you to receive "hotseat" coaching with me, up on the main stage, throughout the event. I'm known for my ability to get right to the core of an issue...FAST. Often times, these are worth the price of admission alone! Because what can happen in just a few minutes of coaching with me has the power to transform your business and create extraordinary new possibilities for you that can benefit you for a lifetime!

With all these bonuses, the value is clear.

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Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with this event and that you'll learn everything you need to know to put on your own Sold-Out Seminars, or your money back.

If after attending the entire seminar, you don't feel 100% satisfied for ANY reason, then just tell us why...and we'll refund you 100%.

That's how confident I am you'll be blown away by this event.

Special note: because seating is so limited, you can only get a credit if you can't come to the event for some reason. We're more than happy to honor the guarantee if you're not satisfied, but we can't offer you a refund if you take a seat from someone else and don't show. That's fair...right?

What's the tuition?

Look, here's what's going to happen.

You'll come to this event, get what you need, and then go home and launch your own Sold-Out Seminar.

And if we're being conservative, you should make at least $10,000 from this one event.

Then you'll do it again and with some new experience under your belt, and you should at least double your returns - $20,000.

And if you do it one more time and follow my system, it's likely you'll bring in around $50,000.

So is it worth investing $3,000 to make $80000

So grab your seat now before we sell-out. Again.

The Sold-Out Seminar Secrets Live Event is September 30 October 2, 2010 in San Diego.

It's your time to SHINE!

Come to this event.

If you dream about putting on powerful and transformational seminars that deeply impact people and make six-figures in a weekend...

This is where you need to be.

I guarantee this will be the best investment you have ever made.

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See you soon.

Much love,


Sold-Out Seminar Secrets Live Event
San Diego, CA
September 30th October 2nd

Thur 9 am 9 pm | Fri 8 am 9 pm
Sat 8 am 10 pm